Interventions, Counseling, and Legal Services


Compassionate Conversations to Begin the Recovery Process

We work with families, individuals, employers, and professionals to plan and conduct dignified, respectful interventions for the people they care about.

What to Expect


lanning and preparation are key to a successful intervention. Tom will help you identify and select your intervention team, which will consist of 3-8 people who are—or used to be—important in the individual’s life. Research shows that a few well-chosen people who are loved and respected by the individual are most effective.

Meeting at first by conference call, the team will work under Tom’s guidance to prepare for their roles in the intervention process. The team will be trained on how to write an effective intervention letter, explore and answer objections to treatment, and detail the consequences for refusing to accept the help being offered. Maintaining dignity, respect, care, and concern for all team members, especially the subject of the intervention, is paramount.

Tom will work with you to select an appropriate level of care for your loved one, and he will help make the arrangements for admission at an agreed-upon treatment center, including transportation.


The second team meeting will be in person. You will learn how to harness two forces—the Power of Love and the Power of Group—to break through denial and get your loved one to “yes” and to accept the help that is being offered. The team will rehearse the intervention and Tom will offer advice on how to conduct the conversation.

At the intervention, each member of the team will read their letter asking their loved one to accept help. Tom is a skilled interventionist with a level head and years of experience and perspective. His professional guidance can help keep the process on track and prevent emotions from boiling over.

Beginning the Recovery Process

At the conclusion of the intervention, Tom will transport your loved one to the agreed-upon treatment center. This is the result of more than 85% of the hundreds of interventions that Tom has led. Whether they begin treatment with detox, residential therapy, or outpatient therapy, the real work of getting well has begun.

The key to a successful outcome is planning, preparation, and practice with the guidance of a skilled professional.

Becoming a Recovery Team
Once your loved one has accepted help and is admitted to treatment, Tom will regularly contact you to ensure you’re kept up to date on progress. Tom will help the team understand what happens in treatment and begin to explore the recovery process for the entire team. Team members can begin to heal from the devastating effects of addiction, whether their loved one does or not. Through education and active engagement, support for everyone’s recovery leads to long-lasting improvements in the lives of all involved.

Counseling & Coaching

Help for Individuals and Families

Tom provides counseling and coaching for all phases of addiction, treatment, and recovery. Through education and therapy, Tom can help an individual who is suffering from addiction—and their friends and family members who are suffering from the effects of that addiction.

Legal Services

Exceptional Criminal Defense of Those in Recovery or Wishing to Be

With experience in more than 200 jury trials—prosecuting, defending, and sentencing drug and alcohol cases—Tom can help you navigate the legal system for the last time.